Friday, March 19, 2010


In my introduction, I informed that I shall be writing on our Railways.Most of these are my observations and experiences.
1. I had an occasion to travel by train nos: 2649,2650,5015etc. The catering ,food quality& quantity is not satisfactory at all.Most of the times the vendors charge more than what they supply. They dont supply water,pickle,curd etc. But they charge complete amount of Rs.32/- sometimes even without supplying the above they charge Rs.35/- stating that the rates have been revised.
How many passengers can afford to go to the catering manager and complain.
This needs immediate attention.
2. The over enthusiastic vendors start shouting with loud voice for Tea, coffee and other eatables in the compartement. They start selling right from 4.30 AM. if not early. They conveniently forget they are disturbing the sleep of the sleeper class passengers who purchased the tickets by shelling down huge amounts.
3. Cocroaches are a common seen in the compartments( sleeper class).Railways may consider fumigation & disinfecting the coaches.
4. In the toilets, floor is covered with some vynile cloth which is not spread evenly on the floor. Especially at the mouth of the Indian commode, the cloth raises upwardly ,thus preventing the water and othe solids passing into the drain.
5. Begger menace is very rampant. For sleeper class travellers it is a nightmare. Beggers often disturb the sleep in the afternoons especially when passengers want to have a nap after the lunch. This is prevalant between Balharsha and Nagpur stations.The beggers come with drum ,beating with sticks , dancing /making some aerobatics to draw the attention of all the passengers.
6. In some trains, especially when the train halts at Itarsi station the hauckers swarm the compartments selling their products even creating a situation leading to stampede. The same is the case in train No:7210 between Tirupati & Malur Rly . stations.
More in the next.
Constructive comments are always welcome.
In my introduction of previous post, there is a small correction- instead of "Zone", it was mentioned as "sone". Regret for the slip.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Our Railways

Of late I became a frequent traveller by train and I find so many deficiencies in the services provided by various railways( sones).In this series I would like to mention them as & when I come across such defieciencies. This is not intended to critisize or mudslinging on the system.But I hope the concerned authorities will wake up and do the needful for correction of the points raised by me.